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Who are Fuel Performance Solutions

Fuel Performance Solutions Limited (“Fuel Performance Solutions” or “FPS” or the “Company”) is a transformative clean technology company that has developed a number of unique, comprehensive fuel management programs for rail, bus and truck fleet operators; and​ superior performing liquid fuel additive formulations that dramatically enhance the performance of liquid hydro-carbon fuels.

Our flagship product is DiesoLiFT™ for use with diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends. Use of DiesoLiFT™ will:

  • reduce harmful emissions (e.g. black smoke, particulates and NOX);

  • improve fuel efficiency (4% to 5% in most cases); and

  • improve the operating performance of equipment.


Fuel Performance Solutions efforts are focused on centrally-fueled rail and road transport fleet operators in the U.K. and the E.U. that consume diesel/bio-diesel fuel blends. The Company/FPS, Inc. (together “FPS”) has validated its technology with years of extensive research and development at, the world-renowned test laboratories (including multiple tests at Mi Technology / Millbrook Group in the UK) and in a number field validation trials (including one of the largest freight rail operators in the UK).​



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