The Company has a three-pronged approach to sales and distribution

Direct Sales

The Company has a growing team of U.K.-based direct sales personnel. These individuals, some of whom are investors in FPS and former owner/operators of trucking companies, all have extensive contacts and existing relationships in the U.K. trucking industry. The U.K. sales team has made contact with and introduced the Fuel Efficiency Management “(FEM”) programme to dozens of road transport fleet operators. The interest level is high and most are eager to adopt the FEM programme.  


As discussed in the AMS/RedMed tab, these two companies have commenced the process of identifying existing business relationships outside their own operations where they believes the FEM programme would be a good fit. In conjunction with FPS, AMS and RedMed will market the FEM program to these business relationship.


Both AMS and RedMed have extensive operations in territories (e.g. Africa, the Middle East, Asia) were poor quality is prevalent. In these territories, water contamination is a major issue. Poor fuel quality results in less than optimal equipment performance and significant downtime of equipment. Both AMS and RedMed, after extensive due diligence, believe the FEM program is an ideal solution for addressing poor fuel quality issues and reducing downtime of equipment.  


Distribution Partners

The Company also has relationships with some prominent distribution companies with existing relationships and distribution channels; all of whom have vetted the Company’s technology. The Company will be able to leverage these relationships and pursue and secure larger accounts including the vertically integrated transportation companies.

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