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Will my warranty be affected?

No, independent tests have verified that mixing DiesoLift with a base fuel will in no way alter the fuel specification of that base fuel. As long as a fuel specification is not altered, the warranty remains valid. 

Will Diesolift cause damage or increase wear and tear to equipment?


Absolutely not, DiesoLift will reduce wear and tear and extend the life of engines and engine components.

Will Diesolift damage a catalytic converter?

No, indeed as it drastically reduces particulates it extends the life of catalytic converters.

Will Diesolift work with bio-diesel?


Yes, and replaces the calorific shortfall in bio diesel, plus solves many problems associated with biodiesel.

How do I treat our fleet of vehicles?


We have a variety of bulk fuel tank dosing systems that the treat the fuel as it is delivered.

How does Diesolift keep a fuel tank clean?

It prevents algae and sludge from forming in the tank.

Will Diesolift work with older engines and equipment?


Yes, in fact as older engines are not as efficient as modern engines, the results can be even more effective.

Will Diesolift work with poor quality fuels?


Absolutely, provided it is clean and not contaminated.

Will Diesolift work with all Diesel engines and equipment?


Yes, it works with any equipment that uses diesel fuel.

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