FPS Products Technical Reports

To obtain official reports for any of the test procedures performed with Fuel Performance Solutions products (and as listed in the index below), please contact Stuart Beath.  Please reference the specific report(s) you would like to request in the body of your email.


Reports are also available for purchase directly from our independent testers. Contact information can be found by visiting the respective website of each tester.


Tested and Verified


Our Fuel Performance Solutions’ technology has been extensively tested and verified at a number of prominent independent test labs all over the world.


For example, the DiesoLiFT™ Series has been tested at the following prominent independent test labs and consistently demonstrated the ability to increase fuel economy, on average, by 5%:


Southwest Research Institute (U.S.)

Motive Power (U.S.)

mi Technologies (U.K.)

Prodrive (U.K.)

Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada – FERIC

Gerotek (South Africa)

Qinghua University (China).


In addition, numerous field demonstrations all over the world have validated independent lab test results. For instance, the DiesoLiFT™ Series has been tested in the field with road transport, rail and stationary power generation applications and consistently demonstrated the ability to improve fuel economy, on average, by 5%.


The PerfoLiFT™ BD-Series has been tested at the following independent testing organizations and consistently demonstrated that it is the top performing fuel additive technology in the market today for addressing oxidation stability, long term storage stability and deposit control in bio-diesel fuel blends:


BfB Laboratories (Belgium): efficacy test

Montana State University (U.S.): efficacy test

AGQM (Germany): received No Harm certification

National Technology Institute – INT (Brazil): efficacy test

The PerfoLiFT™ BD-Series has also been tested and approved for use by numerous oil companies and bio-diesel manufacturers.


As part of the extensive independent lab testing, the PerfoLiFT™ BD-Series has demonstrated its superior performance with all types of underlying bio-diesel source materials (e.g. soybean, rapeseed, African palm, sunflower, jatropha, ani-mal fat, recycled fried oil, etc.) and with high percentage blends of bio-diesel up to B-100.


A combination of DiesoLiFT™ 10 and the PerfoLiFT™ BD-Series will provide oxidation stability and deposit control for and recoup the lost power associated with bio-diesel fuel use.

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