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“The fuel economy claims by FPS are irrefutable.”

Interfleet (UK railway consulting firm)

“DiesoLiFT™ 10 would not cause harm to the fuel and actually improves the stability.”


“DiesoLIFT™ BD-3 continues to demonstrate that it is one of the top performing fuel additive formulations in the market today for addressing oxidation stability and deposit formation control in bio-diesel fuel blends. We have a growing number of clients who are purchasing and using DiesoLIFT™ BD-3.”

Jörg Hörig, Nordmann Rassmann, New Business Development Business Unit



“IPU Group‘s Fuel Conditioning Division is pleased to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc. (FPS), the leading developer of enhanced fuel additives. The partnership will combine FPS’s flagship product, ADV+ (rebranded DiesoLiFT™), with IPU’s fuel maintenance expertise to improve fuel performance in diesel engines. ADV+ is a tried and tested fuel additive which increases an engine’s fuel economy by up to 6%.  ADV+ has added advantages for any company that stores diesel for more than six months.


IPU’s unique four-step maintenance program (test-clean-polish-stabilize) specifies that clean fuel needs to be stabilized to preserve its condition. By isolating the trace water that is present in all modern biodiesel, ADV+ is the perfect stabilizer. Using ADV+ in IPU’s fuel maintenance program helps stored fuel meet the ISO 4406 and EN 590 standards for particulate and water contamination.”

Andy Whitehouse, Director of Fuel Conditioning at IPU

“By using the fuel additive DiesoLiFT™ we are improving our fuel efficiency and cutting our carbon emissions. Trains are already one of the most environmentally friendly methods of transport and DiesoLiFT™ is helping us make our company even greener.”

East Midlands Trains


“With such a large fleet, we are constantly seeking ways to reduce fuel consumption, cut back on emissions, and make our fleet more efficient.  FPS’s DiesoLiFT™ technology has provided a significant boost to our fleet’s overall fuel economy, which translates to immense savings on our annual fuel costs that can then be passed on to our customers.  FPS’s products have also been easy to implement and fit perfectly with Schnucks ongoing commitment to having one of the most fuel-efficient fleets in the country.”

Steve Carroll, Schnuck Markets Director of Transportation


“At Schnucks, we constantly monitor fuel economy data for our fleet using our computer-based fuel management system, which enabled us to accurately track the effect of DiesoLiFT™ 10 on the fuel consumption of each individual truck.  The results we have seen since implementing DiesoLiFT™ 10 in our fleet have been remarkable and we look forward to continuing our relationship with FPS moving into the future.  We are convinced that DiesoLiFT™ 10 is one of the most effective fuel-efficiency additives on the market.”

Kevin Redell, Schnuck Markets Fleet Maintenance Manager

“DiesoLiFT™ has provided us with a complete solution to maximize the efficiency and operating performance of our fuel and fuel delivery system. Plus, increased fuel economy means burning less fuel which results in less harmful emissions and a reduction in our carbon footprint which is an important goal for us.”  

Bill Fallon, Blackpool Transport, Engineering Manager

“Since using DiesoLiFT™ in our fleet distribution trucks, we are realizing fuel costs savings and a reduction in harmful emissions.  Improving the efficiency of our fleet and reducing our carbon footprint are important mandates for our business operation.”

Paul Tate-Smith, President of Tate-Smith Ltd.

“We are now realizing fuel cost savings as a result of our DiesoLiFT™ use which provides us with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  In addition, the increased fuel economy means we are burning less fuel and thereby reducing our carbon footprint. Being a green company has always been a goal for us.”

Gerry Field, a Director of JJ Field & Co Ltd.

“Use of DiesoLiFT™ is saving us money on our fuel costs. In addition, we are an environmentally conscious company so the reduction in emissions is important to us. DiesoLiFT™ is the first fuel economy product we have tried that actually works.”

Mark Whorton-Eales, South Staffs Freight Director

“Based on several months of testing, we realized 4 to 6 percent improvement in fuel economy when using DiesoLiFT™.  The variance in the percent range is due to the fact that our trucks haul various types of construction equipment, ranging from ten thousand pounds to one hundred forty thousand pounds.

Based on several months of testing, we realized a 4.5 to 6 percent improvement in fuel economy when using DiesoLiFT™. The additive was used in a variety of equipment: dozers, excavators, forty ton CAT/Terex trucks.”

David B. Norris, Vice President, Addicks Services, Inc.

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